Ziggie Obidzinski


Interview conducted February 25, 2004


**** 6923 South Riverside Road

        Marine City, Michigan

        Zip Code 48039




        Phone   (810) 765- 3754

                  Cell (248) 670 6820


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Background Mr. Obidzinski’s notoriety preceded this interview as recounted by a half dozen reputable contacts documented in research notes over the past several years. All of whom highly endorsed, encouraged and recommended the contact be made based on his historical knowledge and activities.   


   Mr. Obidzinski, (Ziggie) was born in 1936. He is a former employee of General Motors and worked at the General Motors Tech Center in Warren, Michigan in Research and Development as an Engineering Technician, Designer and Manager until 1999 when he retired.  Mr. Obidzinski is an avid fisherman and still enthusiastically looks forward to the next season, anxiously anticipating the opportunity to once again apply and practice these unique angling techniques. 

   Passed on through his grandfather’s encouragement John Karp, during his youth, Ziggie began applying the art of fishing at the age of 13. Having learned to perfect his learned skills over the past five decades, Ziggie is considered a master fisherman. His grandfather’s encouragement broadened Ziggie’s talent as their close bond formalized and provided interest in modifying existing tackle and making fish decoys. As grandfather’s often do, he somehow found and took the personal time to instill and encourage the next generation, becoming an important influence in developing and molding his grandson to develop new techniques, constantly improve his capabilities refining his talent and improving his ability to increase his harvest of fish.           


  Ziggie, possesses extensive skills and talents acquired during his tenure at GM in the field of tool making, machining, model making, air brush painting and plastics. The majority of his acquired talents and expertise applied in his current activities were refined and achieved exclusively as life experiences while he worked at General Motors in Research and Development Center in Warren Michigan. His extensive knowledge, skills, abilities and life’s experiences, in conjunction with his acquired trade skills gained at GM have served him extraordinarily well as a hobbyist and carver supporting the recreational sports fishing industry. 


  Ziggie’s primary love and interest is in the art of carving fish spearing decoys, having gained notable recognition among carvers in competitively judged events and competition among his peers in the category “Spearing Decoys”.  His enthusiasm as a practicing carver has achieved Mr. Obidzinski, the recognition and noteworthy distinction among the carving community of artists as being a master. Their endorsed acknowledgement of his capabilities, apparent by the numerous first place ribbons and best in show awards are prominently observed decorating his studio, adding not only to the décor of the shop but more importantly to his undisputable mastered credentials as a carver in judged World and National competition events.


    Ziggie, also applies this artistic talent manufacturing Musky fishing lures he produces in his shop located at his residence overlooking the St Clair River. Known as “Bloody Eye Lures” they are exquisite examples of his immeasurable talent.  It is quite obvious that his artistic endeavors provide him with an immense amount of personal satisfaction, pleasure and enjoyment as enthusiasm radiates in all his carving and lure making activities. The artist’s production of some of the most spectacular natural representations of fresh water species of fish, native to Great Lakes are masterfully depicted as “Spearing Decoys.” His Spearing Decoys are exhibits of unmatched artistic talent demonstrating the kind of perfection others in the carving world strive to replicate and achieve. His attention to detail in reincarnating natures beauty in both wood and paint while capturing his subject’s natural appearance is masterfully achieved so that others may enjoy for generations to come the inherent beauty of his custom working style Spearing Decoys. As working decoys, they’re incredibly realistic in appearance, balance and extremely graceful, with their naturally spiraling swimming action. His works exemplifies and demonstrates his incredible talent as an artist. 



  Ziggies diverse talents and extraordinary limitless levels of skills and knowledge leaves you in awe, wondering just how deep his acquired talents really go and how much further he will excel in future challenges and endeavors that confront him.


  A Michigan Treasure and living legend, with much to share about the art and history of  fishing, Musky lure making and carving. His highly regarded works and artistic talents are as timeless as he is.


  I hope to be given many more opportunities to explore his extensive knowledge base and collectively collaborate on capturing the rich history of this highly localized and unique sports fishing technique.


Wm Bell