It’s famous for a reason.

Ziggie Lures are the most functional lures available to date. There custom shape and design, combined with their unprecedented paint design, allow this muskie lure to be fished from the surface down to the deepest depths of of any body of water. Retrieve it slowly as a surface bait over thick vegetation; work it as a jerk bait or twitch bait over and through emerging weed growth. Cast and deep troll it into rocks, timber and heavy cover as a crankbait.

Ziggie Lures say it all. For over 15 years his lures have and continue to consistently product RECORD CATCHES for muskie fisherman.  The lures unique and bizarre movement provoke strikes from muskie to bass.

All lures are paint to order.

6″ Straight : 55 grams / 6″ Jointed : 55 grams

8″ Straight : 70 grams / 8″ Jointed : 70 grams

10″ Straight: 120 grams

* Product price varies based on Style / Size. *Small Rattle only available for Plastic Models.  Price adjustments are shown in “Type & Size” pull down and will be reflected in your Shopping Cart.